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LES PRODUCTIONS MINUTE - Production and diffusion of kinetik, media and sound art


La Marche (est haute)

Currator : Eric Mattson.
Production : Eric Mattson, Productions MINUTE,
With the help of Conseil des arts du Canada end onseil des arts du Québec

LA MARCHE (EST HAUTE) between April and June 2015 introduces ten digital, sound and artistic interventions in urban areas with the common denominator to travel at slow speed (walking) or variable speed. This project also includes a digital documentation for the internet and production of artifacts for an exhibition-meeting in the fall 2015.
Please notice all actions will be noticed and explained here even if some of them (most of them ?) will happen with NO audiences. This series of events is made for the artists in a search of new ways of wal;king. It is at first a laboratory. We will follow their investigations and searches thru the internet and other digital medias...

La Marche (est haute) blogaller

01. Raymond Gervais
02. Douglas Scholes
03. Rober Racine
04. Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt
05. Andra McCartney, David Madden
06. Patrick Beaulieu
07. Nicolas Dion
08. Daniel Canty
09. Daniel Olson
10. Éric Letourneau



The Air Tangible

Commissioning of a composition by Montreal composer Steve Bates : "The approach I am taking for this composition is to use microseconds of radio broadcasts I have been collecting from various cities around the world to make a new composition that will act as a 'composition/score' for other musicians to interpret in a live setting."
Grant : Canadian Council for the Arts, Music: Commissioning of Canadian Compositions to Montreal



Les Voisins

Produced by MINUTE, curator Eric Mattson.
27 Quebec artists " one Chinese artist : Yan Jun, Magali Babin, Mathieu Beauséjour, Belinda Campbell, Chantal Dumas, Nikki Forrest, Yan Jun (Chine), Bruno Julian, Meriol Lehman, Douglas Moffat, Daniel Olson, Victoria Stanton, Samuel Thulin, Jean-Sébastien Truchy, Jonathan Villeneuve & Alexis Bellavance. Grants : Canadian Council for the Arts, Digital Art Program ; Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Digital art program.

Yan Jun

May 2014, Chinese artist in art residency at MINUTE ; Many concerts, one workshop, studio recordings with Steve Bates


Production and distribution of two new releases on ORAL_Records (LP et CD) by ET\OU (Martin Tétreault + Michel Langevin).


3rd part of the series Exceptions
Produced by MINUTE, curator Eric Mattson.
4 Quebec artists : Thomas Bégin, Peter Flemming, Manon Labrecque, Ghislain Roy. May 23, 2013, Darling Foundry, Montreal
Grant : Canadian Council for the Arts, Digital Art Program.


Ghosts of Public Spoaces

Produced by MINUTE, curator Eric Mattson.
18 Quebec and International artists : Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Magali Babin, Steve Bates, Douglas Moffat, Catherine Béchard and Sabin Hudon, Jen Reimer, Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt, Jean-Sébastien Truchy, Minibloc, Ghislain Roy, Max and Julian Stein, Nimalan Yoganathan, Seth Cluett (USA), Steve Roden (USA), Lethe (Japan). June 2012, Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival , Montreal, (Quebec)
Grant : Art Council of Canada, Digital Art Program.

Toshimaru Nakamura

May 2012, Japanese artist in art residency at MINUTE ; Studio recordings with Steve Bates for the CD No Input Mixer #8. Production : dimcoast / ORAL_records

Kiyoharu Kuwayama

June 2012, japanese artist in art residency at MINUTE ; In location recordings (one with Steve Bates) for the 2XCD , Lethe, Catastrophe Point #9 & #10. Production : ORAL_records.



'epsilon eridani'

Commissioning of a composition by Montreal composer Alcides Lanza : 'epsilon eridani' is a work for tapes, Metal drums and turntables.
Grant : Canadian Council for the Arts, Music: Commissioning of Canadian Compositions to Montreal

The Ghost of Vacant Lots

Produced by MINUTE, curator Eric Mattson.
Artists : Joe Colley (USA), Michael Esposito (USA), Alexis Bellavance, Charles De Mestral, Douglas Moffat, Filteau, Geoffrey Jones, Hélène Prévost, Jean-Pierre Aubé, Magali Babin, Stéphane Claude, Steve Bates, Steve Heimbecker (Montreal). September 21, 22 2010, Sala Rossa, Montreal. Grant : Canadian Council for the Arts



Rolf Julius

Concert-Performance of Rolf Julius. Pionneer of sound art living in Berlin, in the context of the exhibition Rolf Julius – Distance, Oboro, with help by Goethe-Institut Montreal. Curator Nicole Gingras. Concert : production MINUTE. September 18 2009

Rolf Julius – Wet Speakers, ORAL cdr 33, lauch ; limited ediotion of 100 ex. numbered and signed by the artist. Production : MINUTE.


Minibloc (QC/CA)
Artificiel.Process ("Martin Tétreault") (QC/CA)
Film : Stefan Németh (Radian) (AT) and Steven Hess (Pan American, Fessenden) (US)
Berlin100% Batterie! : Martin Tétreault avec 10 batteurs: Marcello Silvio Busato, Rudi Fischerlehner, Hanno Leichtmann, Beat Hannes Lingens, Peter Schlewinski, Aaron Snyder, Rut Waldeyer (DE), Steven Hess, Michel Langevin.
Burning Monkey, Christ's Mass and a Bestial Wail : Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic) (FI)
Duo : Martin Tétreault, Michel Langevin (Voivod) (QC/CA)
Club Transmediale, Berlin, January 27, 2009.



Le passe-muraille

Evening concerts with Angel (FIN, DE), Oren Ambarchi (AU) and Alexandre St-Onge, Érick Dorion, Roger-Tellier Craig, Aun, Martin Tétreault, the Quatuor de tables tournantes and Michel Langevin (QC). October 28 and 29, 2008, Montreal.



Porté disparu dans une quincaillerie

Cd, dvd and bilingual booklet on the kinetic and sound work of Jean-Pierre Gauthier. ORAL, 2007. Out, march 21 2007.

100 % Batterie !

an evening of drum solos. Martin Tétreault with 4 turntables and 9 drummers (QC). April 2007, Montreal.


concert: Aun (QC), Chop Shop, Daniel Menche, Plotkin & Wyskida (US). April 13, 2007, Montreal.




Diffusion de deux duos du projet Ectoplasmes 5x2 ; Mutek 2006, Montréal. Artistes participants : Manon Labrecque et Martin Tétreault ; Alexis Bellavance et Hugo Girard. Juin 2006.


dans le cadre de l'exposition Tracer Retracer 2 , commissaire : Nicole Gingras, soirée de musique électronique réunissant Carl Michael von Hausswolff (Suède), Leif Elggren (Suède), Mika Vainio (Finlande/Allemagne),  Olaf Bender (Allemagne). Sala Rossa, Montréal, le 26 avril 2006. En co-production avec la Galerie Leonard & Bina Ellen de l'Université Concordia, avec   l'appui de l'ambassade de Suède.



Tracking the Traces - 3 Solos

during the exhibition Tracking the Traces . Curator: Nicole Gingras. CM von Hausswolff, Leif Elggren (SU), Mika Vainio (FI), Olaf Bender (DE), April 2006, Montreal.

Ectoplasmes 5x2

Creative laboratory for which eight artists were invited to work in pairs and an event to present the work produced: Pierre-André Arcand and Mario Côté; Alexis Bellavance and Hugo Girard; Nikki Forrest and Nelly-Eve Rajotte; Manon Labrecque and Martin Tétreault. Event: prim and sat , Montreal, November 2005; Mutek, June 2006.


programme de vidéos récentes québécoises et canadiennes, présenté à Tesla, Berlin. Artistes participants : Nelly-Ève Rajotte et Nomig. Décembre 2005.



Monoton Produkt 07 20y++

Cd re-release of a legendary vinyl record from the 1980s by the Austrian artist Monoton. Bilingual booklet. ORAL, 2002.

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