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there are points of brilliance burning steadily like low stars

Artists :
Kaffe Matthews, Martin Tétreault, Léon Lo
Title :Labo MTL
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Martin Tétreault or Kaffe Matthews

Label : ORAL
Catalogue # : ORAL CD06
Barcode : 7 7707891206 0
Release date: March 15, 2005


Labo MTL has been produced by three astounding performers, 2 from Montreal, one from the UK, while in residency at Radio-Canada. Labo MTL is a project curated by Hélène Prévost for Navire Night. Final edit by Martin Tétreault and Eric Mattson, deeply accepted by all collaborators and musicians involved.

Martin Tétreault : turntables, small electronics ( is well know both for his astounding solos of turntables and electronics but also for his collaborative projects (Otomo Yoshihide, Kevin Drumm, René Lussier, Diane Labrosse, Ikue Mori, Janek Schaefer, Philip Jeck, ErikM).

Léon Lo : violin and effect ( is the subtle producer of Montreal Natacha’s recording, which focuses on bridging a search for beauty with a strong appeal for electricity streams.

Kaffe Matthews : electronics ( Her dedicationto electronic music and to improvisation brings her name to the forefront of the genre. She is part of the big band MIMEO and has played with an enormous amount of composers, amongst whom the two above were for sure some of the favorites.



  • A new release on ORAL, the label directed by Eric Mattson, curator for the MUTEK festival amongst other events.


  • A “must” have for all lovers of experimental, subtle but intriguing releases.
  • When a three parties collaborative project means more than the combination of the 3 elements.


  • Carefully mastered by John Sellekaers-METARC (Ant-Zen, Klanggalerie, Noise Museum, Quatermass, Sub Rosa).
  • A recording of high quality made at Studio 12, Radio-Canada, Montréal, october 15  to 16, 2002 by  Alexandre Leclerc and Michel Larivière. Mixed  by Guy Charbonneau.





Kaffe Matthews, Martin Tétreault, Léon Lo

Labo MTL


1  le couteau au manche rouge
2  le bureau jaune-orange
3  le poisson gris
4  les deux chaises vertes
5  la valise (?) brune
6  la cage
7  le traineau orange
8  la porte aux six yeux
9  les quatre enthousiastes


Fabriqué au Québec - Made in Canada

(c) M. Tétreault Socan 2002, K. Matthews, L. Lo
(p) ORAL 2005

Mastering : John Sellekaers
Design : Eric Mattson
Drawings : Antonio Mazza, Collection Les Impatients




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Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 01:34:00 -0700 (PDT)

The recordings on this CD were made at Radio Canada, under the guidance of Helene Prevost who curates the Labo MTL program. Two of the three musicians may be well-known: turntablist Martin Tetreault and Kaffe Matthews (electronics) are both renowned players in the world of improvisation. Leon Lo is the unknown one. He plays violin and effects here. As you can imagine this is music from the department of 'careful crackling': the stylus of Tetreault hitting the surface, Matthews static sounds and gliding tones and the electronical treatments of Lo's violin, it fits perfectly the traditions of new improvisation, where electronica and acoustica meet up. In that respect this is nothing new under the sun, but this trio of excellent, skilled improvisers perform their work with great care. …(FdW)


Ik hoor graag abstracte muziek zonder kop en staart. Soms is het zelfs zo abstract dat het me grijpt en intrigeert, zonder dat ik zelf helemaal begrijp waarom. Meestal begrijpen anderen nog minder waarom ik het waardeer. Ik vrees dat dit ook gaat gebeuren met de cd Labo MTL van drie improvisatiespecialisten, te weten de Britse Kaffe Matthews (elektronica) en de twee Canadezen Martin Tétreault (draaitafels, elektronica) en Léon “Helen Of Troy” Lo (viool, effecten). Hierop krijg je een uiterst minimalistische ondergrond van knetterende elektronica voorgezet, die soms naar ambient neigt, waarop voorzichtige klanken uit de viool en draaitafel worden gebouwd. Naarmate de cd vordert neemt het aantal hoorbare en goed te definiëren geluiden toe. In feite is het minimalistische musique concrète. Het is muziek die, als je er voor open staat, aan je trekt, je wegduwt, je op een prettige manier op de zenuwen werkt en je omarmt. Het fascineert door de bijzondere klanken, ook al bestaan die soms uit piepjes, schurende en ondefinieerbare geluiden. Verfijnde abstractie die wat zitvlees vereist.
Jan Willem Broek | 21 april 2005 om 22:21 |